The brand

Content is king, but branding is everything.

The Brand is Everything

Having original, authoritative content that is useful is a great draw to a website.  But a website is only yet another marketing platform.  While it is a fantastic marketing tool, can act like a salesman available 24/7 as well as a support channel, and as it does represent your brand, an active website is imperitive to any business (and no Facebook page, Twitter profile, Wix or website will pass the mustard).  Still, nothing is more important than your brand.  Your brand is everything.

But do you know what a brand is?  It is everything you do, your logo is simply a prepresentative of a brand, something that a consumer or client can easily identify a brand with.  But what that logo represents is your entire business, how your employees work together and with customers, your customer service and support, how you conduct business.  Your brand is how your company is perceived by the community it supports (or doesn't support).

Businesses can effect how its brand is perceived to an extent, but a company's reputation is everything.  It's why we train our employees and invest in them.  Because if we don't, someone else will.