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I've left breadcrumbs to this domain all over the web, using it as a generic example in linking and website coding That backfired when I used it as a WordPress blog and it was spammed.  As an artist, I wanted more design freedom, anyway.

A Webmaster's Playground

I can't tell you that I am a great webmaster, but I love what I do and somehow, I make do.

I help others along and enjoy teaching how to be a good webmaster.  But, I could be better, myself.  I simply can't afford the investment (both the monetary and time requirements), to take all the classes I want and should know.  

Though I do enjoy designing fonts, logos, graphics and websites, design, even in nature, sets out to accomplish a goal.  

I always wanted to be an artist.  It turns out, that requires the investment of a small fortune and great sacrifice.  Although I had such great family interest and support growing up, in the end none of my family believed in me enough to make that investment in me.  

I have sacrificed, of course, perhaps not enough.  When I look back at my life I see a comedy of errors. 

When I learned how to design websites, I did it to showcase my art.  I taught myself after college and was asked to design sites for others.

Yet, the designs I did for myself broke away from acceptable web design concepts.  Still, I prefer them over the business driven crap we all see day-to-day.  There was a sense of discovery when each page didn't resemble the other.  There was wonder in large, intricate, detailed logos that could not be reduced on screen because of piss-poor monitor and television resolutions, just over 20 years ago.

I also enjoyed how each web page would look different in different browsers, from platform to platform and resolution to resolution.  Unfortunately, that's not what business wanted.  They prefer a magazine layout, even to this day where the emphasis is on going mobile and even supporting smartphones.

Now, it seems though, the world may be more open to an artist.  So here at this site, I plan on shedding my callus designer skin. breathe and live.  

If you ever see the same hero image photo or graphic at the top of any two pages, please use my online contact form to send me some feedback and tell me that I screwed-up.  Though I do believe in user friendliness, I think the heading should reflect and augment the content of each page, and never be used for advertising anything but a clever logo.

The reason this site is an experiment is that although I am not going to be doing stupid designer things, I will continue to use webmaster conventions.  Though the logo is plain, it is relatively consistent in placement and use.  The menu should prove to be friendly and easy to navigate (send me feedback if you have troubles, be sure to include your browser brand and version, the OS you are using, and the device model).

But, I intend to make each page different, allow you to explore.  Yet, you will know that each page is at the foosite. 


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