Settled on ‘Just Write’

I finally settled on the free ‘Just Write’ theme after stumbling through a bunch of crap that had my blog looking like an advertisement for someone else’s crap.  I think it’s pathetic that designers are taking advantage of other people’s home pages to sell themes and shit.  Because that is all pure shit and no art.

No theme allowed me the ease of customization that I expect to see out of any software, so I am just going to run with a stark page design for now.  Maybe I’ll design my own, but that isn’t likely, WordPress has too many rules to follow, and I love the freedom to code in pure HTML5 and CSS3.  So it isn’t likely I will be designing any WordPress themes as the whole templating system requires learning a bunch of useless crap.

If I can’t design it in HTML5 and CSS3, it is pointless.  But WordPress has its own conventions that are too restricting for me.

You may ask why even put up this WordPress ‘blog’ site, then?  I’m checking out the products I sell.  This is yet another managed WordPress site.  I may reveal more (like where to get it) once I have figured out how to make it a bit more presentable.

I actually prefer using more flexible content management systems, but I have to know about the products I sell, what they are, how they work, what they can do.

Modern WP Themes Look Like Crap

I can’t believe how lousy these new themes are.  Every damn one you download is an ad for their service and you can’t even find any of your own content on the home page of any theme, any more.

This is how business is done nowadays?  Make people pay to remove your pathetic garbage design ads or add what used to be standard features in every free theme ever designed?

Commercialism has run amok.

Damn, WordPress is a Pain to Customize

When I start typing, the stupid text edit box in the browser window that I am using is supposed to become non-distracting… but nothing happens unless suddenly the page scrolls down and no text is entered as I type?

Something is wrong with this theme, and its just the default one.  Heck, the header image is supposed to be 954 x 1300, but when I preview it, it looks like crap.

Time to look for another theme.  I’d like to try the new one they announced as I logged in, Twenty Fifteen, but since this is a managed WordPress install, I’ll have to see if it is even available.

I’d rather make my own, but as the default one doesn’t even work, I don’t seem to have a choice but to find one I can change?  Something is radically wrong there, all I need is a basic page layout to start.  WTF?

Everyone promises simple, but no one ever delivers.